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The Orienteering Race in Saint-Pons

Simple and fun, orienteering is a life-size treasure hunt!
Equipped with a compass and a map, the orienteer strategically plans their route in search of "treasure hunt" style markers.
It can be done alone or in a group, at a free pace, for an original way to discover the area!
To practice, the Tourist Office offers PERMANENT TRAILS accessible to all.

Choose the green, blue or red circuit and set off on an adventure!

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From 7 years old

"L'aventure en chemin" offers an introduction to orienteering every Thursday morning, from 10am to 12pm, in July and August. The objective: to learn the basic principles of orienteering through games, reading a map and orienteering. A short orienteering course will be organised to make the learning process more concrete.
Information and booking required on 06 83 05 57 34.

Supervision by a state orienteering certificate holder and a BP rando, accessible to all.
12€ adult - 10€ child up to 12 years old.
Meet at the Ponderach swimming pool.


Treasure Hunts!

Solve riddles, develop your sense of direction and use your imagination...
In the heart of wonderful landscapes.
Get ready to travel back in time!

Mister Aventure


Many characters, discoveries, ideas and values to be transmitted, including 3 essential ones: cooperation, diversity and development of the imagination:

Cooperation: through the courses and activities, each person puts their strengths at the service of the group and shares his or her knowledge, skills and experiences.

Girls, boys, adults, seniors, sportsmen and women... The variety of activities, tools and cooperation means that everyone participates and brings their strengths to the rest of the group.

Development of the imagination: each treasure hunt appeals to the imagination of young and old alike. Putting yourself in the shoes of a character, solving a riddle, looking for treasure, travelling through time! 

Mister Aventure à Minerve 
mister aventure a minerve 1480431566 1656

Follow in the footsteps of the Cathars. From the calades to the catapult, from the gorges of the Brian to the Candela, discover Minerve by digging your brains out and, above all, by having fun!

Earn your investigator's diploma by solving the enigma! 

Estimated distance and duration: 1.2km (0.7miles) (1h15 to 1h45). 

Mister Aventure à Félines-Minervois

mister aventure a felines 1480431640 1657
Discover the typical village of Félines while having fun.

From the marble path to the church and the castle, be a real adventurer!

Learn and discover our Minervois heritage with your family or friends, take up the challenge!

Estimated distance and duration: 1.3km (0.8miles) (1h15 to 1h45).

How to go on an adventure?

Tempted by the adventure in Minerve and/or Félines-Minervois? Nothing could be easier:  
Go to the Minerve Tourist Office to discover our two adventurer packs directly in the shop!
Price: 15 euros.

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